MPI 10.3 released

MPI 10.3 was released today, including these changes:

  • Add separate MoM factors and blurbs for donor vs. maternal egg IVF. See documentation for full details.
  • Add a Databases view to show all recently-opened databases when no database is open. This is particularly helpful for setting up new users on a shared workstation.
  • Break out median calculation by smoking status, so you can explore the effect of smoking on medians and compute your own smoking factor.
  • Separate the sense of the PE blurb, so that blurb PX is now produced for samples dated via physical exam, while PE still refers to a subcategory of Down Syndrome screening outcomes. If you used the PE blurb to indicate dating by physical exam before, check that the PX blurb is created correctly after installation. Contact RMA if you need assistance.
  • Add Fit to Page on the Ready Samples view, for conveniently controlling that option for a batch of reports.
  • Bug fixes throughout the product.

It’s recommended for all users, but not urgent for regular use. Download the update installer here.

MPI 10.2.5 released

MPI 10.2.5 was released today, including:

  • Add File > Import and Export to/from CSV files.
  • Add LIMS Export Selected to the Ready Samples view.
  • Added fields to LIMS interface: Smoker, ReportAsFirst, and IsIVF.
  • Added Daily Medians report from prior versions.
  • Bug fixes and speedups for NT median computation and support for various unusual import/export cases.

It’s recommended for all users, but not urgent for regular use. Download the update installer here.

MPI 10.1.0 released

Version 10.1.0 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now available.

This release introduces integrated risk calculation for Down syndrome, activated by checking an Integrated box on a given Sample.

  • First-trimester samples: if Integrated is checked, no FDS risk is calculated, and the IF blurb is produced on the report.
  • Second-trimester samples: if Integrated is checked, the most recent first-trimester sample’s MoM values are combined with the second-trimester’s MoM values to compute FDS risk, using the configured Integrated statistical parameter set.

The only choice for an Integrated parameter set is currently SURUSS.

More details are in the updated Calculation Reference and in the Help menu.

Bug fixes and other small features include:

  • Fixed: When changing the list of markers in a sample, an error message prevented continuing. (#1206)
  • Fixed: Extra information printed in the Physician Sample Report when Down syndrome risk was suppressed.
  • Added File > Close command.

This version is recommended for all users of MPI 10. Download the update installer here.

MPI 10.0.1 released

Version 10.0.1 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now available.

This is a maintenance release, focusing on performance improvements and additional tools to ease migration from earlier versions of MPI.

New features include:

  • File > Send Database, to assist in sending records to RMA for troubleshooting after automatically redacting confidential data
  • More validation of manually-entered patient data and flagging of unusual values
  • Customize the Physician Sample Report template within MPI
  • Add and save comments when you make a new median or weight correction record
  • Choose whether to select available LIMS import files instead of importing all available ones – useful in multi-user workflows.

This version is recommended for all users of MPI 10. Download the update installer here.

MPI 10 Released

Version 10.0 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now available. This is a major new release of MPI that includes all the best features of our previous software with a new database engine.

We recommend that all users of previous RMA software upgrade to MPI 10, and we will be phasing out support for previous versions over time.

New features for this version include:

  • First- and second-trimester screening
  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Support for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as recommended by CAP.
  • Support for multiple users entering data simultaneously
  • Streamlined reporting options, including color coding
  • Unattended LIMS processing option
  • Easier tracking and maintenance of medians and weight correction
  • Standardized navigation through all tables
  • Better performance with large databases

We will be reaching out to existing customers to schedule updates. Or you can contact RMA for upgrade pricing and details at any time.

MPI 9.8 released

Version 9.8 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now shipping. New features for this version include:

  • Added more validation checks for unusual but allowable data. Fields with questionable values are tinted pink in the Patients window, with tailorable limits. (#877)
  • You can now copy and paste data out of and into the median regression dialog, in a spreadsheet-compatible format. (#796)
  • Added support weeks to the median regression dialog for medians in weeks 10 and 11 . (#869)

And issues fixed include:

  • Archiving old records from a database can, in some circumstances, change the ordering of the median table, which can result in wrong medians being used. (#871)
  • Fixed the Physician Sample Report wording to distinguish twins from triplets or more. (#876)
  • The tailored setting to require user-customizable IDs to be unique was not enforced. (#878)
  • Fixed clipboard support in the License Request dialog. (#858)
  • Allowed postponing record signing when upgrading a database schema. (#879)
  • Fixed upgrading the database from version 9.2 and before. (#760)
  • Accelerated Send Database. (#885 – in 9.8c)
  • Fixed regression in creating new databases introduced in 9.8b (#888 – in 9.8c)
  • Issues viewing old imported comments (#887) and assigning comments to repeat samples (#886 – in 9.8c)
  • Median calculation doesn’t exclude diabetic patients correctly when selected (#895 – in 9.8d)
  • The spacing is improved in graphs printed on the Physician Sample Report (#884 – in 9.8d)

This version is recommended for all users, particularly if you archive patient records. Download the installer here.