MPI 10.3 released

MPI 10.3 was released today, including these changes:

  • Add separate MoM factors and blurbs for donor vs. maternal egg IVF. See documentation for full details.
  • Add a Databases view to show all recently-opened databases when no database is open. This is particularly helpful for setting up new users on a shared workstation.
  • Break out median calculation by smoking status, so you can explore the effect of smoking on medians and compute your own smoking factor.
  • Separate the sense of the PE blurb, so that blurb PX is now produced for samples dated via physical exam, while PE still refers to a subcategory of Down Syndrome screening outcomes. If you used the PE blurb to indicate dating by physical exam before, check that the PX blurb is created correctly after installation. Contact RMA if you need assistance.
  • Add Fit to Page on the Ready Samples view, for conveniently controlling that option for a batch of reports.
  • Bug fixes throughout the product.

It’s recommended for all users, but not urgent for regular use. Download the update installer here.