MPI 10.9 released

MPI 10.8 was released today, including a few new support features, reporting improvements, and fixes.

Support features:

  • Back up the database at exit, up to once hourly, daily, and once before opening it with a new version (only for single-user databases).
  • Easily choose a backup and restore it with File > Revert.
  • Include fewer files in Send Database, so the send file is smaller.

Reporting improvements:

  • Add a new blurb type, SType, for the sample type, with several possible values beginning with #, and default text for each blurb. Referenced it in the default SH blurb. Allows the sample type to show on each report.
  • Support placing graphs inside a frame in the Physician Sample Report template. You can create text frames using Insert > Text Frame from the context menu in the template editor.
  • Support displaying the race display name (rather than code) on reports, using the ~race_name~ placeholder.

Bug fixes and other small improvements:

  • FDS risk cutoff settings should cascade.
  • Fix Fit to Single Page when graphs are included.

This release is a recommended but optional update. Download the update installer here.