MPI 10.8 released

MPI 10.8 was released today, including a few new features, speedups, and fixes.

Workflow improvements:

  • Allow separate folders for LIMS input and output
  • Add FamilyFDSHistory, IsIVF and IsDonorEgg fields to LIMS
  • Add afp_only_ontd setting for when AFP-only means ONTD-only
  • Export Blurbs to CSV
  • Select samples by type
  • Mark Not Ready if any MoMs can’t be computed, with setting require_mom, defaulting on
  • Customize the display sort order of markers in more places
  • Hotkeys for moving focus in Patients view

Reporting improvements:

  • Include T13 in High Risks report

Bug fixes and other small improvements:

  • Speed up opening, closing, and updating records in network databases
  • Speed up operations on all samples in Sample View
  • Fix: Graph layout issues in reports
  • Fix: Amnio samples missing on the Tally Chart

This release is a recommended but optional update. Download the update installer here.