MPI 10.1.0 released

Version 10.1.0 of Maciel Prenatal Interpreter is now available.

This release introduces integrated risk calculation for Down syndrome, activated by checking an Integrated box on a given Sample.

  • First-trimester samples: if Integrated is checked, no FDS risk is calculated, and the IF blurb is produced on the report.
  • Second-trimester samples: if Integrated is checked, the most recent first-trimester sample’s MoM values are combined with the second-trimester’s MoM values to compute FDS risk, using the configured Integrated statistical parameter set.

The only choice for an Integrated parameter set is currently SURUSS.

More details are in the updated Calculation Reference and in the Help menu.

Bug fixes and other small features include:

  • Fixed: When changing the list of markers in a sample, an error message prevented continuing. (#1206)
  • Fixed: Extra information printed in the Physician Sample Report when Down syndrome risk was suppressed.
  • Added File > Close command.

This version is recommended for all users of MPI 10. Download the update installer here.