MPI 10.3.1

The installer for the most recent release of MPI, version 10.3.1. Adds SURUSS 2013 support, and fixes some bugs in Migrating from older versions, and in LIMS Import. Recommended for all users.

MPI 10.3

The installer for version 10.3 of MPI. Adds Databases view, donor vs. maternal egg IVF, and other small features and bug fixes.

MPI 10.2.5

The installer for MPI version 10.2.5. New features and bug fixes for import and export, and restored the Daily Medians report.

MPI 10.2.3

The installer for MPI version 10.2.3. Fixes an intermittent issue in LIMS importing. Fixes median regression for center-specific NT medians, and adds mean and SD to median regression reports.